abortion-im opposed to abortion of any kind because its murder plain and simple.
if ppl dont want kids then they shouldnt have sex or they should use protection plus there is adoption
GUN Control-we should totally checkout any ones background to see if they have a criminal past before they are allowed to purchase guns.
economy-we should tax every step to improve our economy and be more enemy effecient.
taxes-taxes should be paid by those who can afford it most the wealthiest ppl and not the middle class or poor
Goverment spending-goverment spending should be examined to where the only ones to get help from the goverment are the disabled and elderly. not women who lay up with different men and have babys for more help. or those who are able to work and are drunks or druggies

 others not listed-legalize marijuana and make adultry illegal with up to 12 years in prison for those who commit it. put prayer back in control and let Jesus be in charge and end seperation of church and state

1 term each for congressmen and senators

retired goverment officials must draw social security no paid retirement

balance national budget by 2015 start paying off the national debt by paying 1%  toward paying off the oldest debt first in 2016

equal ballot access for all political partys and candidates

All candidates running will be included in all debates

Put prayer back in school

more security for elected goverment officials

energy-america should seek to be as energy effecient as possible

foreign affairs-america shouldnt involve itself where it doesnt belong. let other countries fight thier own wars insteads of losing millions of dollars and the lives of our military men and women

Death penalty-the death penalty should be ended instead give those who deserve it life in prison without parole

immigration policies-illegal immigrats who come here illegally should be sent back where they came from.

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