a new running mate named

February 4, 2011
thats right folks winning the election by 2 votes to 1 is a friend ive knew all my life pastor lisa daughtry she will be the vice candidate for the nwip be sure to visit her churches web page at

                                                                                     to amy i hope your happy with this choice and i wish you the
                                                                                      best of luck with your endeavers

a new running mate to be named

February 2, 2011
this week i dont know what day yet there will be 12 people chosen then there will be an election poll to decide who will be my new running mate im sorry amy choose not to continue

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my friend and pastor to run for georgia congress 9th district

January 17, 2011
yes my pastor has decided to run for congress in 2011 if you live in the 9th district of georgia please vote for him you can contact him on face book       
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put God in control elect me president in 2012

January 17, 2011
im 42 years old bornin 1968 i am a church of god preacher and i am crippled and in a nursing home. I would like to get to know each of u. and if elected president i will do everything by the bible with much prayer and supplication. i have been a member of the now defunct america 1st party and the reform party and i know have my own party be sure to visit

if u have comments suggestions or Questions or would like a debate contact me at orionstar@rock.com...

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