you have to dream before your dreams can come true

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by pushing donate for you gift of 2 dollars or more we will send you a free cd

my new running mate pastor lisa d check out her website

candidate for presidentnwip/objectionist member and founder  come join with us in the objectionist party


former candidate for tennessee governer

our newest member ron paul go to ron

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this is my 3rd cousin tony cloninger woodrow wilson is my great great grandfather

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woodrow wilson 28th president of the usa and my cousin

tony cloninger is my 3rd cousin

and woodrow wilson is my great great grandfather

THIS is the 1st party for write in candidates supporting all write in candidates in 2010 and from now on if you are a write in candidate come join the NWIP and vote for an equal and justified america and against the corrupt partys.

if you are a write in candidate or wish to run in the future come join the nwip.

jerry w. wilson and amy williams wilson
presidentand vice president of the united states in 2012

to contact me visit me at or
jerry wilson us president
amy williams wilson us vice president

ken paul congress georgia 9th district

vote for us each tuesday at


contact me on facebook!/pages/National-write-in-party/142259642501762

Send E-Mail to:


for write in candidates and to help elect myself as us president

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 my friend and pastor ken paul and his wife charlotte paul

ken is a 2011 candidate for congress 9th district in georgia

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